About Us

If you’re here, you want to read about movies. Not just the movies opening this week (although we will do that), not just the biggest blockbusters of the year (although we watch those as much as anybody), and not just the buzzed-about indies that some of you see in art houses and the rest of you catch on Netflix (although several of those are on our Top 10 list). Any kind of movie, anywhere, starring anyone. That’s what we do.

Writing for Us

We’re still new enough that we’re not looking for writers at the moment. And, even if we were, we’re a volunteer organization right now (i.e., we can’t pay you). But if you’ve read all of that and you still have a pitch you’d like us to see, send it to one of the addresses in the “Contacting Us” section below. It may be turned down, but it will be read.

Contacting Us

Email: cinephilecity@gmail.com

Twitter: @cinephilecity

On Comments

It’s becoming a trendy thing for websites to eliminate their comments sections, because people can be horrible. We’re not going to do that, but we want to be very clear: don’t be horrible. Don’t threaten people, don’t call them names, don’t publish personal information about them under any circumstances, don’t start flame wars, don’t spam ads … don’t do any of the things that make so many comments sections on the Internet awful to read. If you do, we reserve the right to block you, delete your comments, and/or get rid of our comments section altogether.

Thanks So Much For Visiting!

Keith Allison
Lauren Baggett
Kevin Cecil
Scott Goldfarb
John Hanlon
T. J. O’Neill
Dylan Sands
Zak Santucci
Mychal Stanley
Mark Young, Editor

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