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Best of 2015 So Far: The Top 10

Although we’re still getting used to the place here at Cinephile City, prestige movie season is approaching fast, leaving us no time to deliberate further before presenting you with our top 10 films of the year so far. Continue reading Best of 2015 So Far: The Top 10

Queen of Earth

IFC Films, 2015
Writers: Alex Ross Perry
Directors: Alex Ross Perry
Out of 5: 5

Queen of Earth opens with a long scene, shot mostly in one take, in which Catherine (Elisabeth Moss) dumps her boyfriend for cheating on her. The shot is the movie in microcosm: long and painful enough to be awkward at first, and then to cause active discomfort. Catherine starts off upset and spirals into agonized self-loathing, all while her boyfriend sits there and watches, ashamed and unsure. As in the movie as a whole, Moss is dynamite in the scene. As in the movie as a whole, it’s some of the best acting you’ll see all year. Continue reading Queen of Earth

Fantastic Four

20th Century Fox, 2015
Writers: Simon Kinberg, Jeremy Slater, Josh Trank
Director: Josh Trank
Out of 5: 2

For decades, the Fantastic Four comics were the place you went for wacky four-color adventures. Intergalactic space pirates, giant aliens threatening to devour the Earth, a hero who liked to announce the arrival of “clobberin’ time,” and all the rest. Real-world social issues sometimes came into play, but usually in the weirdest way possible, such as our heroes meeting actual Richard Nixon (see item #5 in this AV Club Inventory) or a bigoted super-villain who turned out to be literally Adolf Hitler.

Well, forget all that, Fantastic Four says. Continue reading Fantastic Four